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Speciality of Natural and Traditional Medicine in Holguin is prepared for external evaluation

The progressive development of the external evaluation of medical specialties is established in Holguin as a process of utmost importance that gives security and prestige to the teaching and assistance activity.

Although the University of Medical Sciences of Holguín is certified by the National Accreditation Board, in 2021 it must be re-accredited and as a prerequisite for this step must be accredited about 17 specialties that are formed in this house of high Studies.

Six medical specialties have already been evaluated and for next year others are preparing for this process, including Natural and traditional medicine, as the head of this Teaching Department, Mayelín Cruz Batista, expands it.:

“Our specialty since it opened its first edition in 1995 has graduated to eight specialists in the province and after that time with the editions that have succeeded it has consolidated and we believe that it is able to assume the external evaluation by the National Accreditation Board, which in October of this year should have the documentation ready.

Important variables are evaluated, including the cloister, and to this end we have had to consolidate a strategy of professional improvement in order to raise the level and the teaching category of teachers in order to increase the number of second-level specialists, the aggregate researchers and the number of auxiliary teachers.”

In addition to the cloister, other variables are taken into account as the rigorous process evaluates the way in which the resident acquires professional skills and competences through the curricula, the bibliography available to him and the information management system, aspects explained by the also master in bioenergy and Natural Medicine.

As addition we will measure the conditions and infrastructure, in the provincial center of reference lies in the Hospital Clinical-Surgical “Lucia Iñiguez Landin” they perform a series of transformations in the field of structural and organisational level to raise the quality of medical assistance of the professionals who provide there services.

Within the profile of graduates of the specialty it is important to train professional competences in the future specialist, based on ethical values, responsibility and above all bearing in mind emotions and feelings, since the MNT works very closely with these values.

The University of Medical Sciences of Holguin seeks the training of professionals with a high scientific level and academic preparation.

Today, we are working intentionally to validate the certification and we conform the files of other specialties such as Pediatric Surgery, Allergology, imaging, pathological anatomy, intensive and emergency care and Internal Medicine.

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