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Recommend not to give soup or kill children between 6 and 12

The soups and the mattes are prepared that do not contribute to the quantity and quality of nutrients that are appropriate to children between six and 12 months of age, that is why it is advisable not to give it to you.

This was pointed out by nutritionists from the National Institute of Health (INS) of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), who indicated that many parents often give these preparations to the younger ones to alleviate the low tepetratures.

Nutritionists stated that during the first six months babies should be fed exclusively with breast milk, but after these months they should receive complementary vegetable-based feeding on papules such as well-cooked carrots, pumpkin or sweet potato; purée meat (chicken, pork or beef), among other foods.

From six to eight months of age, children should consume foods of thick consistency type porridges or purees; and for children of eight to 12 months it is important to include food that can be shredded or chopped, since they provide the macronutrients essential for growth and proper development of the child.

The National Institute of Health through the National Center for Food and Nutrition has developed the Cookbook nourishing for children six to 23 months.

In this prescription, each preparation has a specific consistency and quantity, and also has information about the frequency, taking breastfeeding as an interval.

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