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MINSA provides complementary courses in Natural Medicine

The teaching and research coordinator of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Maritza Ruiz, conducted a course on pain management, an activity that took place at the Institute of Natural Medicine and complementary therapies, where the physiotherapists of the 19 SILAIS were strengthening their knowledge in this branch of natural medicine.

35 physiotherapists are participating, they are nurses, general practitioner and nursing assistants in the field of natural medicine and they come to learn techniques in dealing with back pain, neuralgia pain, therapies for facial paralysis and also patients with chronic pain, this will help them to have a better knowledge and thus help them with better tools in the different natural medicine clinics that are located in the different health centers.

For their part, the therapists who are specialists in different branches of natural medicine were happy with this push to give them the authorities of the MINSA to improve the complementary therapies that are performed in the different health centers.

I feel blessed to be here, because we are acquiring new knowledge to give better care to the population in the course of holistic and learn about the pains of low back pain and sometimes the drugs do not help us in the same way that this type of treatment of the medicine natura.

Meanwhile, Carmen Zuniga, another of the participants, menifest√≥ that “these courses help us in the management of discomfort in patients with chronic pain and the breathing exercises, in order to improve the health of patients and the chronic diseases, this helps us to have a better cure and with therapy we can get to improve the quality of life of the patient.”

This course lasts for seven days, where each nurse and general practitioner will receive practical and theoretical classes to achieve better health performance.

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