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Learn parasanitarian techniques from the best experts

There is a growing interest in natural techniques and treatments to prevent or combat all kinds of ailments. We’re looking to look good and feel good inside and out. This, coupled with the concern for the environment and the responsibility that we have over it, makes us value the natural far more, including medicine.

This also means that many people seeking to start and create a new business are interested in training in parasanitary techniques and in studying alternative health disciplines to Western medicine. A field with many possibilities and great potential for growth.

When we talk about techniques or parasanitary professionals we refer to those who work the so-called traditional and millennial disciplines whose main objective is to improve the health status of patients through natural means and treatments.

The ESTP School (Higher School of Parasanitary techniques) aims to promote and disseminate another way of seeing, understanding and treating health, promoting alternative or complementary medicine to Western medicine. In the same way they seek to train the best qualified professionals. For more than 25 years, they have been assessing the needs of professionals and helping them to enter the labour market, using pioneering and cutting-edge techniques. The success of the school has facilitated its expansion through national territory, from Vigo and La Coruña, through new centers in León, Madrid and Salamanca, where you can study all the courses that the school offers.

Western chiromassage course

It is about getting health and well-being through manual massage. Chiromassage is practiced by integrating various types of massages and manual manipulations to relax, stimulate or eliminate soft tissue pain.

The massage course taught by the ESTP school has a theoretical and practical part. On the one hand, it is important to understand what effects this type of technique has on the patient and in which areas of the body it can be practiced: back, lower or upper limbs, abdominal, face, skull… Different techniques related to traditional Chinese medicine will be studied, as well as other methodologies such as hot stone massage, Thai massage, podal reflexology massage and ayurvedic, as well as water techniques.

In order to carry out this kind of massages it is important to know the human body well so that anatomy classes will also be taught and practices supervised by professionals will be carried out.

Chiromassage has immediate effects on the patient’s body, skin, nervous system, circulatory system, and skeletal muscle. The working tools are the hands, so you have to have absolute control over the manipulations that are performed, the rhythm and the speed.

Acupuncture course

Acupuncture is the set of techniques and procedures that cause stimulation of certain points of the body, usually by inserting thin needles into strategic points of the skin. The acupuncture course studies the history and different theories of this ancient technique that is common in both China and Japan. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine is a scientifically supported healing system that has been in place for more than 2,500 years. Japanese acupuncture works to identify possible blockages of energy and blood, unlike Chinese acupuncture based on the differentiation of syndromes.

Acupuncture can relieve a large number of pathologies and achieve the well-being of those suffering from pain and various conditions.

Course on osteopathy

When we speak of Osteopathy we refer to the discipline that values dysfunctions of mobility of body tissues. The osteopath uses the hands as the main tool. The code of ethics for osteopraxia indicates that biomechanical osteopraxia”does not treat diseases as its only mission is to facilitate the regulatory action of the organism that inherently tends to its health.” In other words, osteopathy argues that the body has its own ability to modify the bioenergetic imbalances it suffers. Therefore, diseases are not treated like other disciplines that work with the concept of disease existence.

The ESTP school’s osteopathy course trains qualified professionals to be able to perform adjusted and correct assessments of each case. Because knowledge of the body is so important, it is recommended to do this course when the student has previous knowledge of massage or physiotherapy.

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