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I’m self-employed ,do I need health insurance?

Work is one of the first activities to be affected when health fails. When you work as a self-employed person and are directly responsible for the smooth running of your business, getting sick becomes a luxury and being on leave can be especially problematic. Therefore, if you work autonomously, the hiring of private health insurance offers you a number of advantages to take into account.

Speed to attention

Time is gold and even more so if you are autonomous. Being your own boss has its advantages but often translates into practice in the need to adapt to your customers ‘ schedules or endless working days. How many times have you neglected your health for lack of time?

Having a private health insurance guarantee quick care with ample consultation hours and agility when carrying out diagnostic tests and obtaining their results, thus avoiding long waiting lists. At IMQ we know well that health cannot wait. For this reason, we offer the freedom to choose between more than 43,000 medical professionals and 1,150 centers at the state level, the largest private healthcare network also in the Basque Country, as well as years of experience listening closely and responding to the health needs of the autonomous worker.

Agile emergency service

Can you imagine spending long hours of waiting in an emergency room without being able to lift the blinds of your business? Private health insurance covers not only regular medical consultations with specialists but also with own or agreed medical centers and clinics to ensure the necessary agility.

If your job also requires you to travel frequently to international fairs or to seek out customers and suppliers, having medical emergencies covered abroad is a plus for you that the IMQ self-contained insurance offers you as complementary coverage at no added cost. We also offer a 24-hour hotline and the possibility to request a second medical opinion.


Hospitalization is always a sensitive issue, not only for the patient, but also for the families that accompany him. This is why private health insurance provides you with the best care as a patient, but also the best well-being for your companions. In private health care, whether for specialized, surgical or intensive treatments, you have, for example, single rooms and bed for the rest of the companion.

At IMQ we also offer a home hospitalization service, provided that the characteristics of your clinical picture allow it, so that you can continue the treatment in your home, with the comfort and tranquility for the family, the lower risk of infection and the guarantee to receive personalized attention also by a highly qualified team.

Peace of mind in case of low

Low daily IMQ insurance can be the ideal complement to your health insurance. It is a product that guarantees you compensation in case of sick leave or accident of up to 150 euros per day. The recovery of the compensation is immediate, without waiting for discharge, within a maximum period of 5 days. The premium is based on the age and type of profession you practice.

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